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Red, Green, Blue
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Selbstbildnis #onephotoperday  (hier: Potsdamer Platz Arkaden)

Selbstbildnis #onephotoperday (hier: Potsdamer Platz Arkaden)

No BS! Brass Band Crashes Forbes

Barefoot Street Performer SHOCKS Audience with her voice - Sammie Jay

Destiny’s Child cover - I’m a Survivor - Guitar Street Performer Susana Silva - Busking

Black Metal + Benny Hill = Funniest Video Ever

1950s Education on “Homosexuals”



“Music is a weapon” – Alec Empire on Digital Hardcore

“In The Electronic Revolution (1970), William S. Burroughs describes how cut-up tape recordings turn sounds into political weapons. He sums up this approach in a powerful image: “Riot sound effects can produce an actual riot in a riot situation. Recorded police whistles will draw cops. Recorded gunshots, and their guns are out”.

For the eighth volume of EB’s Berlin Experiment series, Alec Empire recalls the genesis of Digital Hardcore, from William Burroughs’ Electronic Revolution to East Berlin’s post-apocalyptic wasteland, to burning refugee camps and his iconic Low on Ice release, which is now being re-released in extended form as The Complete Low on Ice Sessions in a triple CD box set on Milles Plateaux.”

via: http://www.electronicbeats.net/en/features/monologues/sound-is-a-weapon-alec-empire/


Wie geil ist das den bitte!? #Minecraft #papercraft http://ift.tt/1zXV3qu


Wie geil ist das den bitte!? #Minecraft #papercraft http://ift.tt/1zXV3qu

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